Momma Hauch

The Bumbo

The bumbo, the seat that every parent are told that they “need”. Well in our house, it is most definitely needed. It is the site where discipline takes place – it’s the only place that Callum gets upset about being put in. Unfortunately, the bumbo is starting to be used more and more in our house.

Don’t get me wrong, I (well Mark and I) don’t enjoy disciplining our child but I know that it’s necessary and God-commanded. We want to obey God to the best of our abilities and that does mean that we need to teach Callum what is right and wrong.  Whatever discipline is used in our home, the backbone of discipline is love and obedience as parents. We are not perfect at disciplining but we strive to what God calls us to do.

The post isn’t going to be so much about discipline as you may think it will be but about God’s grace.

One day a friend of ours was talking about a situation that had occurred in his house. To make a long story short, one of their children had locked themselves into the laundry room (which was a no-no) and they were told they must come out. As the struggle between the mom and son continued, the son became more and more distraught knowing that once he came out of laundry room he most definitely would be getting disciplined. The mom’s following action’s shocked me as I know they are family that believes in disciplining their children. She showed him grace. Not only did she show her son grace in explaining that she was not going to discipline him once he came out but used it as an opportunity to explain God’s grace.

Wow, what an opportunity. What a perfect way to show a child an example of how God’s grace can work. I will say that the child was older and knew for a fact this was not the normal response to such behaviour. I have read books and spoken to other mom’s on how they approach discipline but I love this example. It was a reminder how we can use all situations to teach our children about the qualities of God, not only that he is a God that calls for obedience but He is a God of grace.

I want Callum to learn that not only does mom and dad love him regardless of his actions but that there can also be grace when he does things that he shouldn’t. I want him to be able to translate our actions as tangible examples of God’s grace. God’s grace being that we don’t always get what we deserve.

So, as I continue to teach Callum right and wrong, what’s safe and not safe, I hope that I will be able to teach him not only that God calls for obedience, but that God is a God of grace.

For from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace.

John 1:16


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